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NEC DSX Version 3.2 Upgrades and Features

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The latest DSX software 3.2 has some improtant upgrades to both VoiP services and Intramail Voicemail.

The three major VoiP upgrades are: Peer-to-Peer communication between IP extensions, NAT Traversal with Any Router, and Improved ATA and SIP SLT Support.

The Intramail voicemail upgrades are the new IntraMail Message Review feature, enhanced Cascading Message Notification with IntraMail Pro, and improved maintenance functions when used with System Administrator 3.1 or higher.



Peer to Peer

IP keysets, ATAs, and SIP SLTs connected to another SIP device in the same office do not use VoIP Gateway circuits. They communicate p2p instead. This means you can have 32 SIP devices in an office talking to each other and never use up a VoIP License.

A VoIP License is still required, however, when a SIP device is:

  • On an outside call.
  • Participating in a Conference.
  • Using Room Monitor.
  • Using an IntraMail mailbox or leaving a message.
  • Calling a SIP device in another office. For example, if an on-premise IP keyset calls an IP keyset in a remote office, each IP phone requires a VoIP License.

By default, Peer-to-Peer is enabled for all IP extensions. The system will automatically switch VoIP gateways in and out as required by the call state.

Note that some 3rd party ATAs and SIP SLTs may not support p2p in the remote office. However, the Cisco PAP2T and SPA8000 do support p2p in the remote office.


NAT Traversal With Any Router for DSX IP Keysets

NAT Traversal is available with any router without programming. You no longer have to limit your remote offices to the two LinkSys routers we previously recommended. To set up NAT Traversal:

  • On the phone system router, forward UDP ports 5060 (SIP) and 1024-1088 (RTP) to the DSX system IP address.
  • On the DSX IP Keysets, use IP Keyset firmware or higher.

Improved ATA (Analog Telephone Adapter) and SIP SLT Support

Major improvements have been made to the DSX integration with third-party ATAs and SLTs. In general, ATAs and SIP SLTs work the same as local analog single line sets.


Internal Modem Automatically Disabled when VoIP Daughter Board Installed

To protect the viability of VoIP resources when the VoIP Daughter Board is installed, the internal modem is automatically disabled. The reliability of DSX VoIP could be compromised if both were enabled simultaneously.


Hot Dial Pad Follows Prime Line

If an extension has Hot Dial Pad enabled 2111-11:Hot Dial Pad and a Prime Line Set in 2114-01: Prime Line, any digits the user dials on the dial pad will go out over the Prime Line. In prior versions, Hot Dial Pad would always follow Intercom Prime Line.


Hotline Keys for Voice Mail Ports

An extension user can assign IntraMail ports (501-508) to Hotline keys in Menu: Key Assignment: Feature Keys (Menu + 51). This can be a useful visual tool for monitoring voice mail port usage.


Message Review

After a caller leaves a message they can review their message before sending. After reviewing the message they can rerecord it, erase it, or send it to the recipient unchanged. Message Review is available to both co-workers and outside callers.


Cascading Message Notification Enhanced

For added flexibility, IntraMail Pro Cascading Message Notification now allows multiple cycles through the list of destinations. You can, for example, have notification cascade through each destination once and then repeat the cycle. Additionally, the number of busy and RNA attempts per destination can be from 1-99, and the total number of notification cycles can also be from 1-99. This allows for very complex notification cascades if the site requires.

The meaning of the following timers have changed to accommodate these enhancements.

  • 4202-06: Maximum Attempts sets how many times Message Notification cascades through the list of destinations.
  • 4202-01: Notification Interval sets how long IntraMail waits, after completing the cascade, before starting again. In the prior release, a new cascade would start immediately after the prior cascade finished with no delay in between

IntraMail Maintenance and Prompt Update Features

System Software 3.2 enables all the System Administrator Version 3.1 Maintenance and Prompt Update features. This includes:

  • Copying, moving, and erasing mailboxes.
  • Deleting voice prompt sets that are already installed (e.g., to make more message storage room).

Automated Attendant Call Progress Tone Detection

If an outside line without loop disconnect supervision is answered by the Automated Attendant, and caller hangs up, Call Progress Tone Detection will detect the busy, reorder, or dial tone on the line and hang up. This prevents the call from timing out to the Dial Action Table Timeout destination and, in some configurations, inadvertently setting up a loop.


Additional Silence Elimination for Messages

IntraMail will automatically remove 4.5 seconds of silence from any message recording that is paused due to silence. In addition to cleaning up normal messages, it will also help to eliminate "hang up" messages because they will be too short to be saved.


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